Embark on a 44-foot sailboat, near Montreal


An ideal activity for:

→ An exclusive outlet for singles, couples, families, friends or colleagues

→ To introduce you to the basics of sailing cruise on a large unit in protected waters for a secure experience and / or for people who might be susceptible to seasickness, not to mention sportiest paces that the yacht can take at your convenience

→ Rent a private boat with a magnificent traditional interior teak-mahogany marine in order to live the experience of eating and sleeping while being on the water

→ Reward and contribute to team synergy amongst your staff through learning and practicing the maneuvers on the sailboat.

→ Inform yourself in anticipation of the purchase of a sailboat or in relation to all aspects of sailing, get personalized advice and give a taste to your spouse/husban to go ahead with a navigation project.

The most beautiful sailing experience near Montreal for sea legs and acclimatize you to the marine environment before boarding several days at Lake Champlain, the Caribbean or elsewhere in the world.




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