Introductory excursion sailing cruise aboard the 44-foot sailboat Évasion *

$105 / adult

$160 / couple

$80 / adult extra

$39 / child between 60 and 90 pounds

$19 / child between 30 and 59 pounds

$688 / VIP max 12 people


Duration two hours in total. $200 per additional hour


Overnight and private tour aboard for two on Évasion ***


Large stern cabin (two separate single beds or double bed) with private entrance and views of the water.

Zero deductible boat insurance included.

2015 Season Schedule

Possible departures to availability on weekends at 8:00, 10:30, 1:00 p.m., before 15:30 and 18:00 (sunset)

By reservation only, contact us for last minute availability or reservations on week.



In embarking on the boat, you accept these conditions and you must ensure that all the people you book with you are made aware of them and accept them as well:

  • For [departure reservation], a deposit of 25% is required or if total less than 60 days before departure. Gift certificate and total amount required.
  • Payments are made online by credit card via the secure site Paypal (you do not need a paypal account to pay)
  • Payment is not refundable in case of cancellation on your part but the Start can be delayed during the season or the next depending on availability.
  • In case of cancellation by us, you will be refunded in full.
  • If rough weather conditions prevent a safe departure (severe thunderstorm warning, weather watch, announcement of bad weather, etc.), the activity is postponed at a different time depending on remaining availability of the season or the following season if necessary.
  • If the activity is canceled, a text message, a phone or an email is sent as soon as we receive the Environment Canada warning to advise you provided the environmental conditions that might prevent a safe departure. If the weather is good we do not remind you, your original booking confirmation is your starting. You present yourself to the boarding place that you can find under the »Contact Us » tab
  • Please be present at the scheduled time for non-exclusivity of booking, otherwise, the boat could sail off without possibility of return.
  • Every minor child must be accompanied at all times by[ both parents] for the activity.
  • The yacht is at anchor, you will have to board the dinghy (Zodiac) to return to the boat. To do this, you must be physically fit and have good balance up and down the dinghy and for use on the deck if you have the permission of the captain to do. The weight limit for boarding security reasons is set at 250 pounds.
  • On deck in the cockpit and in the dinghy, wearing a life jacket is madatory at all times and you are responsible for ensuring that you always have it on you and it is secure. We provide jackets and give you instructions on how to wear it. If you have your own jackets, it is best to bring them, especially for children. If your child does not have a jacket, please inform us in advance of his/her weight. You must provide shoes with non-marking and non-slip soles. Wearing high heels or platform type is strictly prohibited. Wear comfortable clothes, it’s not a cruise ship but a pleasure boat sailing, it can heel suddenly when wind gusts.
  • Sailing and living on a boat is an activity that involves certain risks. Your boarding means you accept the risks and thereby, remove responsibility of the captain of any incident that may occur. The yacht is at anchor and we have no access to electricity in large quantities. Although we are usually always are very well on board, we can not control 100% humidity, heat, cold, odors or ambient noise. This is an experience of « camping » on the water but we strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible.
  • The captain remains on board in his private quarters completely separated at the other end of the boat when renting night on board for practical reasons, in case something goes wrong security and insurance.
  • The activity, in some cases, might not be suitable for young children or people with specific health conditions (eg pregnancy, disabilities, heart problems, obesity, etc.). You must be able to ride in a boat ladder and climb over balconies to 2 feet high. If you enter inside the boat, companionway (ladder) are steep and you do so at your own risk. During the night on board, you should know how to manipulate the hatches, take a walk in the boat or on the deck unsupervised is risky and it can be difficult to get back on board in some cases depending on your physical condition.
  • Considering the unique environment of a boat, we can not be held responsible for breakage or loss of property belonging to passengers. Everyone is obliged to see to the safety of its goods and personal effects.
  • We reserve the right to refuse anyone showing signs of reduced capacity and that for safety reasons. Reasonable alcohol consumption according to the laws in force is accepted when renting the yacht but prohibited during initiation.
  • The handling of appliances (oven, stove, heater, wood stove, oil lamp, etc.) is prohibited in the absence of the captain. The use of the camping style shower is limited to a period of time for reasons of management of drinking water at anchor.
  •  Assuming you embark on a boat and it has risks by its nature, the owner did everything possible, to act in good father but can not prevent accidental breakage despite periodic inspections and maintenance of the boat. You agree not to sue in case of accident. Should a legal issue arise, Quebec’s courts of the judicial district nearest the boat will be the lawful applicable district.

Rates, terms and schedule subject to change without notice.

Departure authorized by the standards of Transport Canada as soon as the water reaches a minimum temperature of 15 degrees celsius so start dates and end of season can vary.

By renting the boat for two additional hours, your group access from the yacht at anchor two stand-up paddle boards, two kayaks, two small sailing dinghies, Zodiac with two electric motor, fishing possible from the yacht, swim and enjoy BBQ with a unique Woodflame possible on board. Rental of two additional hours are required for filming TV or film, photo shoot, special event, etc.) ***

* Includes both theoretical and practical initiation and everything you need. Single person, couple and combined with other certificate to availability. This is an introduction to sailing, not a cruise so see your child’s attention span versus maturity and age. $19 / child between 30 and 59 pounds and $39 / child between 60 and 90 pounds

** Large stern cabin can accommodate two adults in a double bed or two separate single beds. Includes bedding, bottled water, cutlery and everything you need except food (we will pick for you meal in a restaurant adjacent to the boat or bring a cold lunch). Landing up to 10 h 00 the next day. Arrived at 18:00 when renting the yacht for overnight on board without the introductory tour.

*** You must demonstrate the knowledge required for the use of dinghies, the Certificate of Qualification or a checklist is required by law to use the Zodiac, swimming at your own risk, no duly authorized rescuer on board.  You must bring your fishing gear and a valid fishing permit is required. Some exclusions may apply, check with us the feasibility of your project.

In case of bad evening temperature, initiation could postponed to the next morning. You must have a competency card to rent or a checklist can be completed if you do not have it.

Rates, terms and schedule subject to change without notice.

NON-TAXABLE, according to Quebec’s law on small suppliers, we are not required to collect sales tax.

We remind you that the wearing of life jackets saves lives and is mandatory at all times on deck during initiation under the rules of boating School Transport Canada. We take pride in the appearance of Évasion sailboat in the campaign on boating safety of the water, that goes without saying. It was chosen because all people on board were wearing their life jacket.. 

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