No one is a master of the sea, but as a group we can better control the ship and adjust the sails!

Help to meet, in a friendly and introductory sailing instruction, leading challenges that any business face: consolidating team spirit.

This activity is ideal for learning the basics of sailing aboard a 12-meter sailboat while promoting cohesion and communication.

Control of a boat requires teamwork to get an effective result. To achieve this, each teammate is assigned a function and must interact among others towards a common goal, as in his workplace.

Motivation and Performance: Combining the skills of the customer’s decision (the skipper) , observations of the team members on the state of the water, wind, and obstacles to reach the destination and attempt to take the better strategic decisions.

Change management: Develop coping skills during a change of direction of the organization. On a sailboat, the skipper has to constantly adjust the sails, with the help of his teammates, to navigate optimally.

Reward your employees with an activity combining learning sailing and the pleasure of being on the water!

Experience is not required, it is an introduction to sailing!